I’ve been working in the aviation industry for two decades, beginning with servicing aircraft, then airline/commercial pilot, and currently in airport management & consulting in the Orlando, FL area. The idea of this blog is to capture the bizarre sightings and incidents that happen in airports and around aircraft. I can remember when airline passengers wore a suit and tie when air traveling, but nowadays, I’ve seen passengers wearing everything imaginable, from spandex to nothing at all… I travel virtually everyday and have seen many strange occurrences, including a nudist jolting from police in front of airline ticket counters.

My goal is to encourage visitors to submit a story, or better yet a photograph of something they believe is humorous or just plain crazy involving anything aviation related. For example, a TSA pat down that went to far, a photograph of someone wearing an outrageous outfit, or a creative sleeping position in those unpleasing airport chairs. Just remember, this is not TheDirty.com… Let’s poke at people in a light hearted friendly way.

In addition, I’ll share several travel tips mixed in with some airline and airport news, and review some Android and iPhone apps that come in handy for the weary traveler, etc.

Most importantly, comment, comment, and comment some more! I want to hear your .02 cents on everything!